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The Game Piece is closed on Mondays. Enjoy the break from gaming.

Pathfinder Society


Looking for a steady group of tabletop role playing gamers? We are happy to announce that the Knoxville Pathfinder Society Lodge will be hosting Pathfinder Society Tables on Tuesdays from 6 to 10. Players will want to sign up for events before hand on the warhorn page linked on Knoxville Pathfinder Society Lodge's Facebook page or using the link below. You will also want to sign up for a Paizo account, so you can keep track of your character between adventures.
Knoxville Pathfinder Society

Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League


No event has been scheduled on this day at this time. Feel free to use our event space for your own meeting/gaming needs.

Friday Night Magic - Commander


Hour of Devestation Draft

Saturday 6:00

$10 entry fee. Players will be given 3 Ixalan packs to draft and construct 40 card decks with. Players will also earn one additional packs at the end of the draft based on number of round wins.

RPG Home Games Sunday


Our Sundays are cram packed with a bunch of awesome people create their own adventures, and have friends and family enjoy it. If you are interested in reserving a room please stop by and check for availability.

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